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kim jonghyun. 18. hs student & jack of all trades ... at least ... that's what i tell the interviewers ... shhh. ke.

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(/looks around) OOOOOH.  you’re talking to me?  pfft.  i didn’t know i was getting tested on my existence, i would have studied or something … (/laughs and scratches head) um.  hmm.  i think ~ my earliest memory was arguing with my sister.  (/snorts) she wouldn’t share … whatever i wanted.  or i wouldn’t share it with her?  i don’t know, kids fight so easily, and we were the best example of those kids.  we ended up sharin’ or comprimisin’ in the end, since we’re awesome like that. (/thumbs up)

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Name: Kim Jonghyun
Age: 18
Occupation: High School student, whatever job he can find
Freeform: “If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?”
Change anything about my life? (/bewildered pause)  I guess I never really thought about it. I mean, day by day, the time passes so quickly and I … (/goes silent, thinking)  I guess, if there was anything I could change, it would be having more time?  Since I’m usually busy studying and then working on the side … huh?  (/laughs) I’m not stupid!  Though, wishing for the money problems to go away instead of more time to work, that would have been a better idea … is there a return policy on this?  Because I take it back.  (/laughs again)  If there was one thing I could change about my life, it would be my dad never getting laid off from his office job.  Things just really, really went down hill from there … (/another laugh, but this time a bit bitter).  Ah ah, it doesn’t matter though.  Talking about things like this, it’s no fun, so why am I telling you?  There’s no point unless … (/faux gasp) are you genie for my wish? (/perks an eyebrow and then smirks)  You’re not right?  I’m done!

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